The Benefits of Choosing a Split Level Home Builder

The idea that splitting a room into two rooms is not new, but the popularity of split-level home plans in recent years has gained ground. The advantage of splitting a room into two chambers is that more living space can be allocated to each individual. The double bed in the bedroom can be utilised as a study desk, while the sitting area can become a game room or extra seating area. The double door entrance to the kitchen can be incorporated into the design, giving the impression that the house was designed to be dual. This type of design maximises the use of space available to all the residents. Check out Oakford-Homes for the best builders in your area.

Split Level Home Builder AdelaideWith more people having two incomes, the need for extra space is now more acute than ever before. The availability of land for building large buildings is at an all-time high, meaning that developers are always looking for ways of maximising the available space. The open floor plan also enables more room to disperse to the rest of the rooms while more effectively spending time with each other. It also helps relieve some problems associated with overcrowding, mostly related to traffic congestion.

One of the primary reasons to install a split level home design is to maximise the use of available space. It is possible through a combination of floor plan variations and interior designs. If you seek a contemporary design, you would be well advised to look at the A-Frame and Tri-Fold designs. These are both split level home designs that feature the structural elements of a single-story home, yet the living areas are on the lower levels. The A-Frame has a central pivot point that acts as the head of the main staircase that moves up to the upper levels. The tri-fold design has been adopted from classic office designs and is essentially the same as those found in executive offices. Check out Oakford-Homes for the best builders in your area.

Both of these split level home builder Adelaide designs are based on the theory of the open floor plan. With the open floor plan, you benefit from more open space to utilise the space more efficiently. It also offers a greater sense of light and air without the need for height and windows. With these features, it becomes easier to create an uninterrupted flow throughout the property. You also have the freedom to alter the layout however you see fit.

Split level home builder Adelaide also offers a range of studio designs that use the best materials for maximum strength, insulation and ventilation. One of the many benefits of choosing such homes is that the construction is completed quicker than the traditional ‘on site’ build. It also means that you have a brand new home to live in that you will be thoroughly familiar with. These designs aim to create a home that looks as good as it feels. Most people prefer the traditional designs of their homes but are open to change in style and functionality. If you are looking for a modern home, these are the designs to look at. Check out Oakford-Homes for the best builders in your area.