What’s the Role of a Solicitor When You Buy a Property?

No doubt buying a house or property is one of most people’s most prominent investment in life. It is an investment that requires spending a substantial amount of money, plus there is a bunch of documents that you need to sign, including the contract.

While we all get excited about the prospect of finding prospective properties to spend our money on, the one thing that we don’t look forward to is handling the paper and legal process. In Australia, you, fortunately, can avoid the hassle of managing the paperwork and legal issues by hiring Solicitors in Adelaide.

In buying a property, you know all too well that most of the laws and legal terms are out of your league. The language used, as well as the documentation needed, can quickly overwhelm you. It is why having to work with a solicitor in the purchase of a property is the ideal direction to take.

A solicitor is considered as a qualified lawyer in Australia. It means that he or she can give you full legal services, such as the assistance in buying property. You may think that a solicitor is the same as a conveyancer, but there’s a glaring difference. The conveyancer may be an expert in legal matters about the property, but he or she cannot help in other legal issues.

Therefore, if you are looking at a significant prospective transaction or a complicated deal such as the purchase of off-plan property in a foreign country, it means that hiring solicitors are a better option than working with a conveyancer.

Keep in mind that although you are not compelled to hire Solicitors in Adelaide when buying a property, you cannot transfer the legal ownership of the property in your name without a solicitor. The idea is that a solicitor will make the buying process a lot easier on your part. These people are experts in understanding every detail of a document in the sale of the property, plus they are well-versed in the local laws.

You may come across some real estate agents and developers that tell you that it isn’t necessary to hire a solicitor, but it is something you cannot decide on based on their perspective. The truth is that real estate agents and property developers hate working with solicitors because they get a hard time manipulating the latter. Solicitors are knowledgeable about the potential legal issues, local laws and the standard tricky practices, which is why you hire them for your advantage.

Some of the things that a solicitor can do for you include:

  • Providing advice on contracts
  • Digging into the contract offer from the seller
  • Performing property searches
  • Contacting local authorities
  • Creating a comprehensive report about the property search
  • Preparing the contract

So, the next time you plan to buy a property in Australia, you should consider hiring a solicitor because it’s a proven way to make your investment a rousing success.