Everything You Need to Know About Skip Bins Melbourne

Skip bins as it is called here in Australia are large metallic open containers that are commonly found in construction and renovation areas. It’s equivalent to the dumpster in the United States and Canada. These containers are filled with garbage and other waste materials that are then collected at a set time and date. Once the skip is full of waste, the skip hire collectors will be the one to bring it to the local dumpsite. But before they do, they will replace the filled bins with empty ones. Once the filled containers are taken into the disposal centre, separation will then take place. Some eligible materials will be recycled while disposing of others properly. Continue reading to know more about skip bins Melbourne.


Why Get a Skip Bin Hire?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should consider getting a skip bin hire. However, one of the main reasons involves effective cost and savings that this service can offer. With a skip bing container, garbage disposal and collection is much easier and hassle-free. At the same time, it also adds some flexibility into your schedule since most skip bin rentals allow you to extend the hire period without any extra charges or penalties.


Different Sizes for Skip Bins Melbourne

Skip bins are available in different sizes for a variety of different waste disposal projects. If you plan on hiring a skip bin, you must understand how different sizes differ and what they are best used for. In most cases, there are three main skip bin sizes: the mini, middle, and jump-sized skip bins. The mini is meant for residential use, while the jumbo is for industrial purposes. However, keep in mind that anyone can avail whatever skip size they want.


  • Mini Skips are the smallest size variant for skip bins. They are easy to find, and you can usually get one that’s sized from two to three cubic metres. They are perfect for small-scale projects like garden cleaning or household maintenance. Mini skips are suitable for weekly waste collection from homes since they quickly get full due to their small size.
  • Middle Skips are much larger, with size specifications ranging from four to six cubic metres. The middle skip has a carrying capacity that’s twice the weight of the mini skips. They’re also designed to hold an enormous amount of commercial and industrial rubbish
  • Jumbo Skips are the largest variants, coming at sizes of 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 cubic metres. Because of this, they’re also the most efficient skip bins Melbourne for large projects like demolitions and relocations.


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