Recommended Screen Doors for Alert Homeowners

The global rate of theft has been growing over the last few years and authorities are urging homeowners to be more vigilant. Experts say that despite CCTV cameras and other security measures, residential break-ins are still more commonly done through doors. Window entries still recorded a lower rate among residential theft and robbery cases.



If you’re looking for ways to enhance the security of your home, start with your doors. Whether it’s the back or front door, it is vital to keep it sturdy and able to withstand potential crimes that could threaten the security of your family.


Below are door types that experts recommend for homeowners who value safety and protection more than anything else.


Steel Mesh Doors


A mesh door is ideal for homeowners who don’t like pushing or unlocking heavy-duty doors. While these types of security screen doors Southern Adelaide are thinner compared to other sturdier choices, they are secure enough for houses with walled fences or thick gates.


Basic Safety Doors


Most doors of this type can be customised if you get them from reliable providers who will understand your preferences in terms of sturdiness and aesthetics. Call your local provider today and inquire about available designs that you can base your customised safety door plan on.


Double Security Screen Doors


Many experts recommend this option for homeowners who want to have their sliding doors or double front doors integrated with extra safety features. These door types allow for the screen layer to be closed while the other side can be opened for fresh air to pass through. Your security screen doors Southern Adelaide provider can install various designs on the outer door if you want.


Aluminium Screen Doors


Screen doors made of aluminium sheets are popular in many regions across the world. You can decide on the thickness and coating that you prefer for added security. You can choose from different shades to match your door with your home’s overall theme.


Security screen doors are essential in ensuring that your family and properties are protected from potential threats. Investing in the safety of your property is something you will reap high fulfilment from.


Before calling your local provider, you can help hasten the process of installing your security screen doors by making accurate measurements. You can also print or e-mail photos of your preferred designs, so your installer has an idea of what you want before making the on-site visit. Trusted providers can offer quotes during the first call so you can prepare your budget before the project kicks off.


Whether your house is on the final stages of construction or you have existing doors that need to be replaced with sturdy and safer options, you can trust that your local provider can get the job done!