How To Combine Social Media With An Online Concept Store

Florence and Aur Thum founded the Saintgarde Company. The Concept Store is an online specialty retail concept store and home furnishing boutique offering quality craft, handcrafted furniture and home furnishings at very affordable prices. In 2001, the company quickly became a leading home furnishings retailer globally, with stores in California, Maryland, and Florida. They pride themselves on being environmentally conscious and fair trade members. They are also members of the United States Green Building Council.


The business started with a small loft, using some free and recycled concrete matter and selling unique items to create a new product line. The first year was spent fine-tuning the company and starting to sell the first of the unique products. In the following years, they added hundreds of products, expanded their website, developed their logo, and became a certified Green Tar Fungus Certified. Today, they are sold all over the world. Many individuals have purchased the products and then returned them to the online concept store for an additional discount.

There are hundreds of online Saintgarde Company concept stores on the internet today. Some of them have the same items, but the difference is that one is online and the other is in a physical brick and mortar establishment. What makes an online concept store stand out from the others is that it is customizable and that it allows you to share your experiences on a level that can only be accomplished with Instagram. This article will introduce you to both Geotrax and HubSpot.


Geotrax collects high-quality handmade furnishings produced in vintage jewellery, vintage woodworking, and traditional woodcraft. Users can upload their pictures to the Geotrax online gallery, and users can vote for their favourite items by clicking on the stars to the left of each picture. HubSpot is collaboration between the boutique and Instagram, and users can create a photo collage of items they like by “tagging” them using the #hutspotinstagram on Instagram. Both of these Saintgarde Company concept stores are curated by passionate collectors who love to share their love of handcrafted furniture and antiques.


Users can create a photo collage of their favourite Instagram posts using the #hashtag: Instagram. They can choose from several different categories, and they can add photos to their Instagram story from anywhere in the world. It allows them to create the perfect college and to add a personal touch to their overall experience. Both of these curators have a solid marketing strategy in place. If you want to take advantage of both of them, consider signing up for them as a new customer.