Differences Between Traditional and Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the best way to enhance the look of your home. If you have never considered them before, then you are missing out on an eye-catching window treatment that will give your home the finished look that you want it to have. When selecting a shutter for your home, you want to select one that will work well with the interior design of your home and the overall theme. Many shutters can be used in traditional designs, but there are also many more modern styles available. Whatever you end up choosing, you want to make sure that you get one that will last a long time and that you are happy with because you will be using it for many years to come.

One of the things that set plantation shutters apart from traditional shutters is the louvres. A louvre is a panel that can slide up and down. The more louvres that are available, the more versatility is provided to the consumer. In a traditional shutter, you are limited to whichever number of slats you have on the louvres, limiting the number of colours and textures you can add.

In comparison to traditional shutters, you have a wide variety of colour choices. When selecting traditional shutters, you will only be able to get white louvres or black louvres. With Plantation Shutters Adelaide, you can get the colours you want and the textures you want. You can have wider louvres that provide more appeal to the outside, or you can get tighter louvres that provide more privacy. The decision comes down to what you want the overall effect of the window covering to be.

Another difference between traditional and plantation shutters is the type of hardware that is used. Traditional shutters typically do not have any decorative hardware in them. It is what provides the home or business with a more basic look. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, usually have some decorative accent, such as bay leaves. These accents can make a difference in how the windows look and are very easy to incorporate into the overall scheme of the interior window covering.

Another difference between traditional and plantation shutters is the size of the louvres. Plantation shutters normally have smaller slats than most traditional window coverings. These smaller slats give them the appearance of being taller and giving the windows a more relaxed look. It is a great addition for homes with large windows but wants to keep the appearance larger.

Although both types of window treatments have their advantages, it ultimately comes down to the consumer. If you want something that will give you more privacy, you will typically need to go with Plantation Shutters Adelaide. For all of the benefits that they offer, they do cost a little more money. If you do not have much extra money to spend on your window coverings, then the higher end wooden plantation shutters will work just fine. They also are a beautiful addition to any home, business or home.