Photocopies Ballarat: On the Proper Use of Your Photocopier

Photocopiers have been serving offices well for many years now. No office can be found operating without one! However, it is incredible how many people are struggling with using it! The folks that produce photocopies Ballarat in SC Technology Group has written this guide for people who still do not know how to use the office copier.



  1.  Choose whether you want to use the automatic feeder of the glass on top

Depending on whether the photocopy machine has both features, you have two choices:


  • Using the copy glass

Using the copy glass gives you more control over your prints. Using the arrows or margins around the glass, align your original and place it face down. Because you have control over the alignment, it’s easier to centre your original, and you can even zoom in on the part of the page being copied.


  • The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

ADF is a feature of most photocopiers, regardless of size. Although this gives you less control over your results, this is useful when you have multiple pages to copy. All you have to do is, make sure your originals are in order, and slide them in the input tray.


  1.  Adjusting the contrast

The contrast will bring out the text and images in contrast to the background. It will help you produce copies that are clearer and easier to read. Select the contrast option in the menu and use the on-screen scale or the keyboard arrows to indicate a higher or lower contrast.


  1. Selecting the lightness or darkness desired

There should be arrows on the keyboard or an on-screen scale to indicate it. Newsprint, switching from colour to black and white or photos will need to lighten. Light text and light colours on originals or pencil drawings must be darkened to appear well.


  1. Making a test copy

Enter 1 under quantity and examine the result. If you are satisfied, you can use a higher number. It is especially important when you try the contrast or zoom functions for the first time. It is also easy to misalign a copy on the glass. Keep adjusting until the copies are as clear and centred as possible.


Here are some typical constraints you might encounter:


  • Paper Jam

If the paper is jammed, the photocopier will indicate the location of the jam and may even walk you through the steps to remove the jammed page and continue.


  • Error Messages

An error message indicates that the copier does not have enough information to start copying. If codes are given, refer to the manual for a detailed explanation of the error stated.


  1. Selecting the quantity

Use the keypad or screen to enter the number of copies you need.

  1. Pressing the Copy Button

Nothing to it, press the large copy button. If there is a problem, press the red “Stop” or “Cancel” button. It may take a few seconds for the machine to stop.


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