A Comparison between Net Wrap and Baling Twine

When it comes to making hay bales; you need to either purchase net wrap or balers twine. These supplies come in handy when it comes to binding the fodder together to minimise feeds wastage as well as make wrapping easy in case you intend to use silage wrap later. However, many farmers do not know which one is better between net wrap and twine. Although both will do the job, they are not the same regarding quality, functionality and also the price. If you are wondering which option to go for, then read the article for a detailed comparison of net wrap vs twine.


If you are a seasoned livestock farmer, surely you already know how these two products look, and so there is no need to go into details. When comparing net wrap and baling twine, the first thing you will notice is the difference in quality and ease of use. For instance, since net wrap is broad in size and is netted, it is of high quality compared to the single twine. This means that when it comes to wrapping the bales, the net wrap will do a good job compared to using twine. Also, when using the net wrap, since it covers the whole bundle from side to size, there will be no feed waste as compared to when you use balers twine. It is also straightforward to use the net wrap. The process of fitting net wrap on your baler is easy compared to installing the twine.


By further comparing net wrap vs twine, it is evident that net wrap will cost you more. This is obvious because it of high quality, easy to use and very functional when it comes to wrapping the hay bales. Therefore, if you opt to use the net wrap, expect to pay more than someone using baling twine. But the cost is justifiable considering the many benefits of net wrap. So what do you choose?



With the comparison above, it would be wise if you choose net wrap over balers twine. For as long you have a reasonable budget, you can never go wrong with net wrap. However, if you have a small budget and you still want the job done, then you can go for the balers twine. It will do the job and will cost you less. However, as you order your twine, ensure that you’re buying from the best wholesalers to ensure that you enjoy not only affordable prices but also a warranty for the product. With a guarantee, you can be sure that the twine is strong enough and will stand the rigorous process of wrapping the bales. Also, if possible, look for the digestible twine. This is important for the health of your livestock.