Why You Should Always Remove The Net Wrap On Round Bales

Are you fond of not removing the net wrap from your round bales when feeding your cattle and every other livestock animal that you have? If you do, then you could be causing some serious problems not only for yourself but your livestock now and in the future. Why may you ask? Let’s discuss further on why net wrap removal is significant.


What Is A Net Wrap & How Is It Used?


A net wrap refers to the string or wrapping that binds hay and bale together. Round bales are a livestock feed for cattle. The net cover that holds them together come in different types of materials. It doesn’t matter what kind you’re going to use, or whether the haystack is fed whole after the grinding process. Many producers tend to leave the clear wrapping on the feeds.



Why Producers Leave the Net Wrap On


Again, why don’t they do that? Here’s a simple reason: because it’s time-consuming. Any producer or farmer can claim that removing the net wrap takes much time to do. With the number of round bales they have, it could potentially take hours before they can have everything removed. Net wrap removal is relatively simple for small, square bales. However, round bales are a different story. Also, producers with a herd of cattle are not using square bales. While they may be convenient for small numbers of animals, they aren’t as cost-effective. Removing the net wrap from bigger round bales is much work.


Biggest Mistake Producers Make


Since most producers are not doing net wrap removal, you might be thinking of doing the same. However, overlooking this simple task is detrimental and can potentially harm your cattle and livestock when further tolerated. You might assume that you cattle won’t eat the wrap. That they’d leave it on the ground after they’ve satisfied themselves with the nutritious bales that you’ve provided them. Then again, that isn’t the case. Most of the time, cattle also eat the net wrapping.


Keep in mind that your net wrapping is made out of various materials and some chemicals that can be dangerous to your cattle when swallowed. If you tolerate them to eat your net wrappings, it may cause potential health problems for your livestock in the future as net wraps are not edible and can cause severe damages to your cattle’ system.


Always Remove Your Net Wrap


The solution to this problems is simple. People are just too lazy (or busy) to do it. Net wrap removal can save you from losing much money. Your cattle can potentially be poisoned and die from eating net wraps. To avoid this from happening by merely removing the net wrapping first before feeding the bale to your cattle.