5 Mirrors Care and Maintenance Tips that you Should Keep in Mind

Mirrors can do so much in any room. It provides a stylish and elegant look, gives reflection to let you see yourself, and can create an illusion that will make your home bigger. It can also be a creative piece of art that you can add to any room. That’s why it’s essential to keep them clean so they can do what they’re supposed to do more effectively. With that said, here are some tips to take good care of your UnleyGlass.com.au mirrors Adelaide so they can maintain their beauty for years to come.


The Simplest Way to Clean Your Mirrors


The most straightforward way to clean your mirrors, especially new ones, is by using clean, warm water, a soft rag, or paper towel. Even old newspaper will work wonders. Don’t use gritty or dirty rags as it can potentially cause unwanted scratches on your mirror’s surface. Other cleaning materials that can damage your mirrors include scraper and emery cloth, so make sure not to use them. Furthermore, frequent dusting will help keep the shine and lustre of stained and painted finishes.



Ensure Good Ventilation


Always make sure that the areas where the mirrors are installed are well-ventilated. The reason for this is so that it will keep your mirrors from “sweating” or developing unwanted moisture, which can eventually lead to damages.


Keep Your Mirrors Dry


In rooms with high humidity such as the bathroom, make sure to keep the UnleyGlass.com.au mirrors Adelaide dry to prevent moisture from eventually damaging the paint, edges, and other parts surrounding your mirror.


Avoid Using Heavy-duty Cleaning Solution


Having the word ‘heavy-duty’ on a cleanser doesn’t mean it’s suitable for cleaning your mirrors. That’s why you should avoid using them as they may contain abrasives or alkali. Also, stay away from cleaners that contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, or any strong chemicals.


Don’t Spray/Apply Cleaner Directly to Your Mirror


The excess cleaner solution will run down the glass and go through the edges and seams – damaging the mirror inside and out. Instead, you should spray the cleaning solution onto a clean cloth or dilute it first with some water before applying it to your mirror’s surface.


By following these simple tips, your mirror will last longer and provide your home with elegance and style. For more tips and tricks about UnleyGlass.com.au mirrors Adelaide care and maintenance, check out our blog page.