Why Do You Need a Land Surveyor?

In the entire building process, surveying is one of the most critical aspects that are often quite misunderstood at the same time. Between the design and construction, the surveyor serves as the link. The land surveyors’ primary duty is to create accurate measurements to determine the boundaries of the property. A variety of measuring tools for State Surveys are what surveyors use depending on the project’s needs. Among those tools are terrestrial scanners, theodolites and GPS, to name a few.

Moreover, surveyors can also take land measurements. However, so it can be used in planning new buildings or establishing current property lines before the land is sold, surveyors will need to reconstruct their findings in drawings first.

You should read this article further if you still have doubts about hiring a property or land surveyor. Through this post, you will understand the significance of working with the reliable Land Surveyors Adelaide.

  1. You are planning to extend your home.

For the designer to have a starting point when you are planning an extension, the presence of a surveyor is needed to be engaged from the outset. Take note that the entire process requires a title re-establishment and a feature and level survey.

  1. You are thinking about constructing a fence on your private property.

It is always best to request a title re-establishment when building a new fence on your property. This way, you can ensure that your boundaries are all situated all at the correct land areas. If you happen to build your home recently, don’t worry because title pegs can quickly be moved during this process.

  1. You are now in a boundary conflict or dispute with your neighbour.

You will undeniably need a title re-establishment in this scenario. Therefore, whenever any dispute happens, it would give yourself and your neighbour a legal document presenting the exact locations of your titles.

  1. You need professional advice when it comes to the prospect of developing your land.

You will know the lands’ indicative timing and pricing when you hire Land Surveyors since they are capable of making quick assessments from a development perspective. They fully understand all the council requirements, zones, and overlays, site and servicing constraints which are necessary for an efficient outcome.

Additionally, in ensuring that the surveyor is in good standing, you must take time to check the licensure and insurance of the surveying company. Take note that working without a license is against the law of surveyors. Plus, in ensuring that they can provide a wide array of surveying services to you, the company will utilise the most advanced level of equipment.

Other factors you must consider are the awards and recommendations that the surveying company has obtained through their years of service.