Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Hinged Wardrobe Doors

Are you looking to revamp your bedroom? If so, then you may be wondering if your wardrobe door is up to par with what you want. There are currently two main options that you can choose: hinged and sliding. Each of them offers certain levels of perks and advantages. However, for this article, we’re going to look at hinged wardrobe doors and why you should consider choosing it over sliding doors.

Full Access to Your Wardrobe

Let’s go straight to the best feature of a hinged door. By swinging open the entire door, you have full access to all the areas inside your wardrobe. That means you won’t be missing any clothing and accessories that you can use daily. Also, you can also mix and match with ease. With a sliding door, your choices are limited since half, or most of your wardrobe will be hidden from sight, blocking any potential great combinations that might’ve come up had you chose a hinged door.


Choosing a hinged wardrobe door that comes with a mirror will give you a lot more flexibility and functionality to your wardrobe. Apart from its general purpose, you can now use the mirror to check your look and get up right away. You can also use it to practice dance moves or rehearse your lines for an upcoming play. You can also insert hooks on your hinged doors to create a useful hanger for your bags and other essentials. You can even add hooks in the inside so you can hang some extra things. No matter what you incorporate it with, a hinged door is versatile enough to make it happen.

Aesthetic Appearance

Let’s also not forget to mention that hinged wardrobe doors look amazing in any room setting. You can choose the one with hidden hinges to make them pop and look even more attractive. Since it’s hinged, you won’t have to waste money on paint since it will be visible whether you open or close it. Finally, most hinged wardrobes come with a plethora of different designs that you can choose. So, no matter what your room setup is, there will always be a wardrobe out there that will fit perfectly.

Choose Hinged Wardrobe Doors

The hinged door may be traditional, but there’s a reason why they are still prevalent today despite all the sliding door hype. They are useful in a lot of different ways, and you should try them out.