Boy’s Shoes: Selecting the Right Shoe Size for Your Child

Boys’ shoes are just like little girls shoes; they come in various styles, designs and colours. It can be challenging to find the perfect boy’s shoe size for your little boy. The key to finding the correct shoe size is to know his height. In addition, your little boy should first have a shoe size that can accommodate him standing for a while. When purchasing toddler shoes, it is always best to buy them at a store specialising in kids’ shoes or toddler’s shoes.


Toddler shoes come in a wide array of different styles, designs, shapes and colours. Toddler shoes can be used as a substitute for conventional shoes when the child outgrows them. Toddler’s feet tend to be smaller than average growing feet. When you are purchasing a toddler’s shoes, keep this factor in mind. There are many different styles of boys shoes that cater to the small boy. Some of the most popular toddler shoe sizes are below, but you should also consider the following boy’s shoe sizes:


Children under five usually require smaller shoes due to the fact that their feet proliferate. Boys under six need bigger shoes because their feet grow gradually. Boys Shoes with a narrow toe box are best for children under six as the toe box will begin to expand as the child gets older. Children who are not teething should avoid wider shoes as the teething mouth is directly proportional to the size of the shoe.


Boys wear their shoes shorter than girls do. This is because boys generally do not have as much of a tendency to walk barefoot as girls do. When purchasing boy’s shoe sizes, make sure you select a shoe that is just a half of an inch smaller than your child’s current size. The idea is to give the foot room to grow into the shoe.


Children grow out of their shoes quickly, so do not purchase boys shoes too early in your child’s life. For instance, boys shoes should not be purchased until he is about nine or ten years old. Boys shoes are often referred to as toddler shoes and are made for children three to nine years old. In addition, boys’ shoes are a bit more expensive than girls’ shoes due to their higher wear and tear factor.


When purchasing boys’ shoes, it is essential to select shoes that fit correctly. When your child grows out of his shoes within a couple of months, they do not need to be replaced as quickly. Selecting the proper shoes for boys can be somewhat tricky. There are many specialty stores online where you will find plenty of information on this topic.