The Qualities Possessed by the Best Weighted Blankets for Adults

Weighted blankets are at the peak of its popularity right now. It’s an extremely useful piece of sheet that works to help improve sleep and prevent various mental conditions such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia. However, among the ones available in the market are the best? We’ve done our research and came up with the top qualities that you should be looking to land the best weighted blankets for adults:


The first quality that you should consider when buying a weighted blanket is the size. While they’re available in various sizes, the one you choose should be able to fit your entire body, without having your feet sticking out. It should also cover your bed’s top. You should also make sure that your weighted blanket never hangs down at the sides, or else it will pull the sheet over the edge if you’re fond of tossing and turning while you sleep. The best way to determine the right size of your weighted blanket is by measuring your bed.


Just like size, weighted blankets are also available in an assortment of fabrics. Each of these fabrics is also made to address a specific type of condition. If you have insomnia, choose a soft flannel, fleece fabric. Children with sensory problems will benefit from fabrics that are fleece, satin, chenille, rugged, somewhat nubby, or rough.


Keep in mind that a weighted blanket doesn’t follow a universal weight. It’s available in different weight levels. The fillers used for weighted blankets are sand, rice, beans, balls, plastic, glass beads, and pellets. It’s usually easier to clean weighted blankets containing plastic pellets. However, it’s good to know that you have various options. In terms of the weight of your blanket, it should be 10% of your body weight.

Baffle Or Quilt

Finally, unless your weighted blanket has sewn boxes or quilted baffles throughout the entire thickness, the pellets might shift unevenly. That’s why the best weighted blankets for adults are baffled to avert this and make sure the heaviness is spread evenly throughout your covers.

These are the qualities that you should be looking for when you’re choosing the best weighted blankets for adults. Make sure the choices you make is appropriate to your needs and preference, and you will achieve a lot of perks and benefits from the weighted blanket that you choose. Shop for the best-weighted blankets today! Visit our website now to check out some of the latest stocks.