How to Take Care of the Grout in Your Bathroom Tiles

Grout is one of the downsides in your bathroom. It is prone to stains and damage from water. Fresh grouts are beautiful to look at, but without proper maintenance and cleaning it could lead to stains and fungus and even cracked. And when grout starts to crack, it will cause significant damage, the reason behind this is that the water can seep behind the wall. Here are tips on how to take care of the grout in your bathroom tiles adelaide.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Bathroom Tiles AdelaideDaily spraying and wiping routine after you finish taking a bath or shower is significant to prevent your tiles from premature staining and damage. Aside from it can avoid premature staining and damage, it can keep your tiles always clean . Thus, it can save your money from replacing with a new one. Lightly spray your tile and glass with a mild shower cleaner such as method daily shower spray, if you can’t purchase it, you can make on your own by mixing a 4:1 mixture of water and vinegar. The Method daily Shower Spray is good to use because of their excellent cleaning power and scent.

Deep Cleaning

Weekly or biweekly, giving your grout cleaning with water and baking soda paste can prevent from damaging. If your grout seems a little more strained than usual, try to use the hydrogen peroxide instead of water. If you used the vinegar before making sure to rinse it off thoroughly before using the hydrogen peroxide in the grout.

Grout Replacement for permanent Stains

If the Hydrogen Peroxide does not work for the stains, that it is time to replace with a new bathroom tiles adelaide. Polyblend Grout renew with a variety of different colours, it can add a layer of colour and protection against future stains, and it can extend the life of your grout for a couple of years.

Grout it Away

It is nice to see a construction material company that offers a water-resistant alternative grout. Still, instead of spending lots of money, for the meantime, you can keep the grout clean and stain-free. The better and Daily cleaning of your grout, the longer you can enjoy the beauty of your bath or shower.

Remember, mould and mildew grow on warm and damp surfaces; it is highly recommended that daily cleaning of grout can make you save less and can make your bathroom tile Adelaide presentable.