How to Install an Antenna

Most of us have seen television commercials about how easy it is to get an antenna installation done in our own homes. It’s straightforward to install a TV, but what happens when you’ve forgotten your antenna, or you don’t have access to a nearby installation expert. If you’re in this predicament, your first thought may be to call in the professionals. That’s okay, but there’s a way you can save yourself some cash and still get the job done quickly and efficiently. Look at these antenna installation tips:

antenna-installation-tipsYou have to get rid of the antenna first. The easiest way to do this is to disconnect the power from the television unit and then cut off the power to the antenna. You will not need to worry about this step if you do not have access to an antenna installation expert. The second step is to get your hands on an antenna installer’s kit. These kits are not cheap, but you can save by obtaining one of these from a retail store online.

As soon as you’ve taken care of these two steps, you need to unpack the kit, unplug the antenna, and secure the antenna to the wall with screws. You will likewise need to unplug the power cable and attach the wires to the ground wire. You need to ensure that the radio and other electrical appliances are turned off before you install the antenna.

Then you are now ready to hook up the antennas. There are different types of mounting hardware available, so make sure you find out what you need before buying. You will want to connect the antenna wires and set up the mounting bracket. If it is too short, the antenna won’t have enough space to transmit well.

If the mount bracket is too long, the antenna may not be able to reach the ceiling properly. Ensure you determine the width and length of your roof before mounting the bracket. You will also want to use a piece of string to tie the antenna to the mounting bracket.

As soon as you have installed the antenna, you will have to fix it in place and then attach the antenna mounting bracket to the ceiling. You will similarly wish to attach a piece of string or wire that will run from the ceiling to the back of the mount bracket, so you don’t have to drag your ceiling to connect the mount bracket.

Before turning the power back on, test the antenna to make sure everything is working appropriately. You can disconnect the antenna from the power source and make sure everything works. If you don’t have cable available, you can always connect the antenna to the television through a coaxial cable or RCA jack to verify its function.

If you are considering having your antenna installed, ask for the company’s references. Find out what kind of people they have done work for and what type of antenna they have installed. It is vital to get a reasonable opinion on the service the company offers.

Remember, it is essential only to use a good antenna installation company that has been in business for at least three years. If you do choose a good company, they should know how to properly set up and install the antenna and take care of the antenna properly.

We hope you learned a thing or two on antenna installation tips and got started on your own.