The Advantages of Having a Concrete Home Built for You

Leaning toward building with concrete as the material for your dream abode? Well, before seeking an answer to the question, “Which concrete home builder Adelaide should I hire?”, let us reiterate the reasons why opting for concrete is the best choice.


Beauty, durability, strength, energy efficiency, and low maintenance are just some of the key virtues of this fantastic discovery – concrete. Additionally, this material is environment-friendly. A concrete home will also provide interior quality living in terms of peace and quiet and keeping out harmful elements like UV rays. You can also rest assured that your beautiful concrete home is built to last. Nothing beats solid concrete construction as a long-term, quality material – not your typical wood- or steel-framed houses.



Here is a more thorough list of the advantages of having a cement home constructed for you by a concrete home builder Adelaide.


Keeps Pests and Vermin Away


Unlike lumber, mould and termites do not favour concrete as food or an ideal place to while away their lifespans.




Concrete can stand up to hurricanes and tornadoes. It is much more durable and stronger than wood- or steel- framed homes.




Concrete does not easily succumb to fires and therefore, has the edge over wood.




A house adequately built with insulated walls and floors benefits from the thermal mass effect, which means an airtight construction and is only possible by using cement.


Lower Utility Bills


You can save much in maintenance costs as well as, operating, heating and cooling costs because the walls of a concrete house are practically airtight.


Built to Last


The average lifespan of a concrete house is 200+ years – that can surely outlast any of the typical wood structures around.


Environmentally Friendly


Poured concrete can be mixed on-site and cast-in-place, thereby reducing construction material waste. There will be no scrap lumber, trimmed sheetrock, wiring and other scraps to haul to a landfill.


Lower Insurance Rates


Builders pay lower insurance premiums during construction due to the reduced workforce – savings that will surely get passed on to you. Homeowners insurance will also be lower because of the traits and qualities of this material already discussed above.


Easy Maintenance


Slim to none are the chances that something will happen during and after construction, which is why builder warranty work after the sale is also reduced.


These are just a few of the advantages of choosing concrete for your home construction. As for the question, “Which concrete home builder Adelaide should I hire”, you need not look further. Check out the raves and reviews of people who have worked with No one else loves working with concrete than this concrete home builder Adelaide! They believe in the excellent qualities of this material which they can discuss with you further, should you have any questions. They are ready to work with you, call them now.