Top Four Casual Womens Leather Shoes for Travel – Boots Edition

While heels can automatically transform you into a glamorous princess, leather boots will remain the best travel shoes for cities and an absolute essential for any women to have. It can unleash your fashion sense and footwear freedom. With an extensive array of designs and style, you won’t run out of choice. But if you want nothing but the best options, we came up with the top four casual womens leather shoes for travelling. They’re all listed below:

Casual Womens Leather ShoesUGG Kesey

If you want something rustic, yet stylish and durable, the UGG Kesey leather boots for women could be the perfect companion for your next trip. This rugged, lace-up pair of leather boots is a full-on-military-inspired combat shoe that’s stylishly robust but is still wearable with a feminine fall dress. The shade of chestnut colour is also neutral colour to mix and match with just about any other hue. While it may look like a hard shell on the outside, it’s super soft and comfortable on the inside. So, buy a pair now!

Blondo Villa

We love the Blondo Villa leather boots so much that we had to write a separate review for it. It’s available in this link. Made from soft and smooth leather, the Blondo Villa features a low, stacked heel and textured rubber sole for enhanced grip and traction. Thanks to its waterproof material, you can still feel fashionable and stylish during the rainy days. It’s perfect for travelling in rainy places like Japan or Singapore. Best of all is that you can wear this elegant ankle boots with everything. From dresses to jeans, casual to formal – this pair of boots will always stand out. Buy a pair now!

Steve Madden Troopa

Back to the military-inspired casual womens leather shoes, the Troopa lace-up boots are the ultimate eye candy. It features a grim black tone that suits with anything in your wardrobe. The vegan leather material also adds a touch of modern, sexy elegance.  It has an inside zipper to complement with the lace-up closure. The one-inch heel adds some comfort and style to this shoe. Pair the Troopa with a maxi dress for that Victorian-inspired look. You can also stick to jeans and tee for a more casual and classic appearance.

These top three casual womens leather shoes – boots edition are the perfect choice for travelling and unleashing your unique fashion sense. Shop them all now in our online store.