Things You Must Know About How Evaporative Air Coolers Work

Majority of homeowners know a thing or two about AC systems that use a refrigerant because it is what they look for when they plan to install one at home. Yes, refrigerated AC systems work wonders in an indoor setting, especially when it comes to keeping your home super comfortable and pleasant during the scorching hot summer months.


But then again, the most notable issue with refrigerated cooling is that when energy prices soar, you expect to pay a premium to keep everyone comfortable. You do not have that much of a choice because the typical AC system utilises a massive chunk of electricity consumption. The good news is you may have a chance to curb on your monthly energy spending by opting for an evaporative Bonaire cooler. It is a practical alternative because it won’t consume as much energy as refrigerated AC.


You must consider the concept of evaporative air cooling in your home because it is energy-efficient. With utility costs seemingly increasing each year, regardless of where you live, homeowners like you will try to look for ways to save on money while still preserving a comfy indoor environment. You do not want to make the trade-off of turning the air conditioning unit off when you need it the most to reduce energy consumption. By having evaporative air conditioning, you are obtaining a very similar operation to that of refrigerated cooling but lacking the usual running costs. You must recognise that evaporative air conditioning repair usually is more economical than installing a refrigerated AC system.


A Bonaire cooler takes advantages of evaporation to cool down indoor air. The air from the outside finds its way inside by using water-soaked cooling pads and an evaporative cooling fan. When the air travels through those pads, water vaporises, while the heat in the air is absorbed, therefore lowering the air temperature inside the house or property. As the fan pushes the cold air, a system of ducts performs the role of dispersing it in the different spaces in the home or property.


One of the perks of air cooling via evaporation is efficiency. If you get stressed out by the rising energy costs, you will appreciate the prospect of saving on maintenance, repair, and running costs. The truth is a modern and sophisticated evaporative cooling equipment will help you cut half of your typical energy bills when you use the refrigerated system.


Apart from efficiency, the principle of evaporative air conditioning also boosts better indoor air quality given that it supports the use of outside air for keeping indoor space pleasant with clean air. The truth is more and more people are leaning towards the use of evaporative cooling since it is by far the most practical alternative to cooling without making a considerable compromise in comfort.